In Inuit mythology, an inua ᐃᓄᐊ is a spirit or soul that exists in all people, animals, lakes, mountains, and plants. The concept is similar to mana, in that it represents a pervasive supernatural or magical power.

While southern destinations certainly have their place when it comes to relaxation, there is nothing quite like the rejuvenation and mental clarity that comes from a vacation to the far north. 

This is because the north is brimful of awe; the natural feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.  The feeling of being insignificant next to the paramount world around us intrinsically promotes calm  - an essential element to rejuvenation and mental clarity.

While wonder and calm are beneficial in encouraging peaceful thoughts, a reasonable amount of fear is also helpful in relieving stress. In comparison to the fears we face in the modern world, the vastness and isolation of the north incites a primitive fear of the natural elements of which we have no control.  

Of course, guests will be safely in our care, and in the comfort of our facilities, and even though they may not be consciously thinking about the wonder and fear generated by the territory surrounding them, the feeling remains inescapable and can be very powerful in helping to relieve stress.               



the inua experience...

Combined with daily immersions into the northern landscape guests can enjoy our wood-fired cedar hot tub located in our timber frame gazebo over looking the river, as well as a wood fired sauna only steps away, for a truly relaxing experience.      

You have enough, you do enough, you are enough - Relax, and let us take you away

Nordique Revolution

The Nordique Revolution is based on a relaxation ritual of alternating hot and cold cycles which stimulates blood flow, releases adrenaline, and ultimately leads to an increase in serotonin contributing to well being and happiness.

 Guests can experience the process as described here:

  1. Spend 15 minutes relaxing in our hot tub or sauna to increase body heat, open up your pores and eliminate toxins.
  2. Walk down to the river below and jump in!  Even during the summer, these northern waters are cold, so a quick 3 minute dip will do. The rapid change in temperature will increase your heart rate and close your pores.   

  3. Return to the relaxation chairs in the lounge for a 15 minute rest period to bring your heartbeat, blood flow and breathing back to normal.
  4. For a complete Nordique Revolution, the hot-cold-rest cycle is repeated 3-4 times, so the entire process will take 2-3 hours and will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated!